Cold Virus BEGONE

Rant incoming.

I am always susceptible to the cold virus. It couples with losing my voice, almost completely – usually. So I am SCARED of this virus. So when the virus starts circulating in my circle, I just know… Then I’ll up my intake with vitamin Cs and all that.


But! I feel so much love from lulu and friends! Lulu surprised me after a tiring day of work by making herbal tea and giving me packets of it at my door, Lydia got me vitamin C, Ray, Caleb, Christian, Rachel and Lydia also came to surprise visit me. Rachel made honey lemon for me and Mandy offering me ginger drinks and herbal medicines to help with my cold. Feeling so loved ❤ I prayed my voice wouldn’t get lost and God answered. Thank you Lord!! Losing voice is the worst thing ever. I have lost my voice countless times… Thinking about it makes me mad. HAHAHA. Thank you Lord!

I just googled (I know it’s about time) on how to avoid the cold virus.

  • Take Vitamin C
  • Take honey lemon with herbal tea if the throat gets scratchy
  • Eat right – more reasons to eat healthier
  • Exercise – less excuses I can come up with on how not to exercise
  • Take more protein; eg. fish, eggs, yogurt
  • Sanitise your hands
  • Get enough sleep

This list serves as a “to-do” list to myself and I hope it helps you too 🙂

I went for a camp with the cold… Then it rained, which of course slowed down my recovery D:




PIIT 28 Review

Hello there! 🙂


Disclaimer: This is not an advertisement, or of any sought. It is my honest review, thoughts and experience from it. I purchased this program with my own money I’m not paid or sponsored for this.

I was thinking about getting PIIT 28 since Cassey/Blogilates talked about it. No doubt it is pricey…  The Power Pack, which consist of the meal plan and the workouts cost USD89, which converts to almost AUD117. Since I’m a student, hence I’m always broke, I was really contemplating getting it.

My mind would go, “Nah that’s okay, you don’t need it Rosabel.”

Then my heart goes “Yeah it sounds great though! It’s PIIT!”

Then my mind will go “It’s expensive, don’t get it.”

Then my heart would go “But I really wanna support Cassey…”

You know the drill. I finally purchased it and I do not regret it! 🙂 If you would like the get the PIIT 28 program, could you please use this link? That link is an affiliate/ambassador link where I get some cash if you purchase via this link. It would just help me get some savings and I would appreciate it so much!

What is PIIT?
So for starters, PIIT stands for Pilates Intense Interval Training. This workout plan goes on for 28 Days, exercising for about 28 Minuets 40 Seconds daily for six days a week. It combines High Intensity Interval Training and Pilates. It incorporates both the types of exercises and there is no need for any equipment. HIIT burns more calories in a shorter workout duration and continues to burn calories after your workout! Click here to read more about the benefits of HIIT. Pilates helps with muscle building and flexibility. So both both workouts in one? It made me so excited to try it!

To my understanding, this round of PIIT that is currently available is the first edition, as it’s titled “PIIT 28 1.0”. If the next few editions are more affordable, I might purchase and jump in the bandwagon for the more rounds of PIIT!

PIIT 28 1.0 consist of 11 PIIT workouts, each lasting to about 7 minutes per round. So a video is provided in the PIIT28 Portal itself for the workout for day, which will be the actual workout for that duration and then we just have to replay and workout to it another 3 times (4 times total).


So far, I’m very satisfied with PIIT! My stamina has improved, I look slimmer (given my diet is not healthy half the time I think that is some decent results), and it makes me feel good – like that feeling after a good workout but in half the time.

I’m such as procrastinator, and I procrastinate so much I do not have time to workout sometimes. So this workout helps as I can squeeze in workouts even on a last minute basis.

So here are the Pros and Cons of this workout program:


  • No equipment needed
  • Improves stamina
  • Can workout from home or anywhere
  • No internet? You’ve got an ebook and even gifs of the workout
  • Supportive forum/portal made up of the PIIT community
  • Follow along workout
  • Great trainer – fun, encouraging and relatable!
  • Short workout time
  • Comes with a stretching and warm up and cool down guide (ebook)*
  • Build strength
  • Challenging
  • An instagram challenge for our mental wellbeing -PIITstagram


  • Expensive
  • Not a lot of PIIT workouts

Just when I thought this PIIT 28 program couldn’t get any better… Cassey provided us with BONUS CONTENT! Like it was not in the program at all when we purchased it, such as the flexible, warm up and cool down guide are now in videos, not just in the ebook. She provided us with 2 Bonus Videos for PIIT 1.0 Round 2 (after 28 days) for building strength! There is also an added Vegans recipe ebook (not sure if this is more all PIITsters all just the ones who got the meal plan as well).

She got the PIIT 1.0 Round Two covered, where after 28 days she gave advice on what to do, the round 2 calendar – repeating the workouts in PIIT 28 1.0 Round 1, but incorporating the two videos Cassey provided. Oh, and a new PIITstagram challenge!

Completing round 1 of the workout and the Instagram challenge would mean we get the PIIT 28 Exclusive tank! That’s a motivator for me 🙂

So if you are wanna get this program, I would really appreciate it if you could use this link, but you don’t have to! 🙂 It just helps me with some cash and savings from it as it’s an affiliate/ambassador link.

I’ll share more about the 28 Days Reset soon! 🙂







‘Perfect legs’ workout

Hey guys!
Finally done with my exams am on holiday ^^ It’s time to clean up my diet and also start exercising. I haven’t been exercising due to exams, am I’m guilty as hell.

This video is like a dream come true… I don’t have to stand up to work out the legs 😛 hehehe
Can’t wait to try this.

Oh yes, I just planned my workouts. I think for now, I’m gonna focus on cardio – Blogilates’ video and will be running minimally. My workouts are mainly home-based. Less of the gym, for this month I guess.

My fitness mental challenge – rant incoming

This week is one of the week i least worked out. I only gymed and did pilates once this week. I’ll try my very best to some pilates/cardio today.

So it was leg day and had to do cardio as well in the gym. Not to forget stationary lunges, both forward and reverse lunges.

So here’s the thing:
I don’t know what was wrong with me, seriously. I decided not to do cardio that day, so well okay i thought, then i must ensure i do my other workouts then.

Came my last workout – the lunges part.
I literally stood infront of the dumbbells and battled with myself mentally. When i was selecting the dumbbell weight, these came through my mind:
‘Hmmm take 8kg…. Oh nevermind 6kg will do.’

Then i placed them on the floor and stared at it. The coversation in my head went:
‘Maybe i should just go now’
‘But you’re gonna regret it if you dont do these lunges, its just lunges! You know the benefits!’
‘Maybe i should just leave really’
‘But you will regret it!! After doing them you will thank yourself’
‘I know but i wanna go’
‘Don’t think just do’

‘Ohh okay i’ll just do a set of forward and reverse lunges then…’
*does 20 reps of forward lunges..*
*returns dumbbells*
*leaves the gym*

Arghhh what is wrong with me :(((

Check list

Maybe like me, I sometimes wonder why i dont get my results fri working so hard as soon as expected.
Well, this check list came to my mind and yup it tells me that i did not put i my best.

Everyday, ask yourself:
Did i workout hard enough to archieve my goals?
Have i eaten well to meet my goals?
What have i done to move toward my goals?
Anything i have to work on?

If your answers for the above two questions is a No, then you have your answer. If it is a Yes, keep it up 🙂

Mini Bands

No matter how lazy I am, a new vid from Blogilates is all it takes to make me want to exercise. I totally love her so much!
Got my mini bands from an online store but the quality of them is terrible…. It rolls up making it a tad bit uncomfortable while working out. Well at least it’s does what’s its suppose to do I guess.

Did this workout and loved it 😀 Try it!

Calling all thunder thighs, pear-shapes and whoever who wanna burn fats off the thighs!

In the entire month of June last year, I did only one or two arm videos. Maybe about two days a week I will do 2 videos on cardio and HIIT. But every time I workout, I will incorporate leg workout. I exercises about 75% of my 6 days a week plan lol.

So, when school started, people are asking what I did to make my arms smaller. I was happy, but.. My legs~

Don’t get me wrong, I’m thankful that I lost weight in my arms as well. But I focused working out my legs so much, and barely focused on my arms. My legs were getting minimal results… While, my arms had visible results! Yes, diet plays a part too and that I regret. It was something I didn’t pay attention too.

So anyway, because of this, I believe in the saying where you can’t spot reduce, and cardio burns fats overall – you can’t choose where.

A little off the topic – Thigh gaps

Thigh gap is not everything. Not having a thigh gap, does NOT mean you have thunder thighs. There’s more to life, than just thigh gaps.



What matters most, is your health. Not everyone have or can archive thigh gaps, because it depends on your bone structure.



Back to the topic – Solutions to overcome thunder thighs

For me, my body chose to lose fats everywhere BUT my thighs 😦 I did some googling, seeing if anyone has overcame the same situation.

AND GUESS WHAT?! Found it! 😀

From calorie, I’ve sum things up on what worked for fellow pear-shapes:

Bike with mag resistance on lightest setting (i don’t really get this), pilates, thigh master

From healthtipsfromchelsea, I can totally relate with her! Fats beings so stubborn in the thigh area and trying everything to rid the fat there. Plus, she is a bikini competitor, and therefore, definitely tried and tested.

What she says, is to cut out sugar and eat clean. I’m so gonna try this (the sugar part for now) and let you know how it goes!

From dailymail, it says thunder thighs might be due to genes. Dang it!! I hope not! But don’t lose hope, we can still exercise to keep fit and maybe even lose that few centimeters possible.

From fitmommydiaries, she also went through the same thing – gaining weight first in the thigh area. Her experience confirmed that we cannot spot reduce and the only way is to reduce overall body fat percentage (do cardio). Along with healththisfromchelsea, clean eating and staying away from sugar helped in reducing thigh fat.

Stretching (pilates and yoga) also helped.

This brings me to the next, and final point from what I learnt in the above pages: It is 80% diet and 20% working out. If all else fails, let’s embrace our thighs. They take us places 🙂 We are not alone either, most women’s problem areas are the butt and thighs. We should actually embrace it already anyway, love yourself sisters 🙂
We should still tone the thighs despite the fats covering the muscles, because muscles do convert fats and also burns fat. It doesn’t burn fat as effectively as cardio does but it still do. When the fats finally get melted off (remember to continue with your cardio), your toned thighs will already be showing 😀 Continue doing your leg raises, squats and all that leg exercises!
-Eat clean, eat clean and eat clean.
-Cut out processed sugar. Sugar is a big NO.
-Do cardio and just keep doing it even though the fat is going off your arms, boobs, tummy or wherever instead of your thighs. Because it finally will when you overall fat percentage is low enough (for your body).
-Do pilates

Chinese New Year Day One

Today’s OOTD


Got this dress from Thailand, it was an impulse buy, and I definitely don’t regret buying! 🙂

The filter made the picture too bright, that the orange necklace was washed out in the pic.

Anyway, today’s outfit planned was super last minute!

Reunion Dinner

Had steamboat at home last night and it was good 🙂 Tried to eat healthier by eating lots of veggies 😛 Was supposed to have 2nd of steamboat at my grandparents’ but I didn’t eat coz if I continue eating this much I’m definitely gonna gain weight.

Chinese New Year Day One

So, today is the first day. Nothing much happened today. I kinda kept to my challenge or not eating chinese new year treats but I did eat other junk food… Uh oh. I’ll make sure to work on it tomorrow 🙂 Had steamboat for dinner again 😀

Oh and I finally did some workout, actually one Blogilates Video to be exact. The Bikini Kickoff workout. I try my best not to see the timeline of the workout, because then I will think: Oh man another 5 mins to go blablabla. And if I don’t keep track, the workout is before you know it. So quick tip: Don’t look at the timing of the workout.


We’ll be staying home tomorrow for steamboat again. I’m inviting friends over tomorrow. So excited 😀 It’s leg + HIIT day tomorrow as well!

Butt facts

So the booty is made of of 3 main muscles:

The gluteus Medius, gluteus Maximus and gluteus Minimus.



Gluteus Medius

This give the butt some shape on the sides.

Exercises you can do to target the muscle are:

– One legged deadlifts

– Jumping jacks

– One legged squat

– Lateral band walk

Working the gluteus medius will result in a higher butt!

Gluteus Maximus

It is a large muscle, and is used more when running and climbing. Walking only engages the maximus minimally.

Targeting this muscles will give a bigger butt.

Exercises that target this muscle are:

– One legged deadlift

– One legged squats

– Side lunges

– Forward lunges

– Reverse lunges

– Walking lunges

– Glute bridge

Gluteus Minimus

Some exercises that work this muscles are:

– Squats

– Clam

– Side plank


Basically, we need to target all 3 parts of the gluteus muscles, in order to build a better butt 🙂